Truesdell Family Farm History

The first generation of farmer's in the Truesdell Family started with Oliver and Florence Truesdell. Oliver was a native of Graettinger Iowa and worked for farmers around the area. In the early 1940's a veterinarian in Estherville Iowa bought a farm in Manyaska Township, and offered Oliver and Florence the opportunity to share rent the quarter. Together they raised eight children, crops and livestock on that quarter section. In the 1960's two of his sons, Bob and Bill, took over the farming and slowly expanded by working off farm jobs and custom farming. By the 1970's, they were able to buy and rent enough land to quit their off farm jobs and dedicate their careers to farming while supporitng two families. The operation consisted mainly of crop farming until the late 1990's when they decided to diversify into the custom livestock feeding business. Together the brothers built a successful operation from the ground up that was capable of allowing another Truesdell generation to join.

In 2003, Bill and Mary Kaye's son Ben graduated from South Dakota State University with a bachelor's degree in General Agriculture. Ben began working for Bill and Bob, and expanded the custom livestock feeding business to get started. In 2005, Bob retired from farming, allowing Ben and his wife Leslie to take his uncles place in the partnership. For the next seven years Bill, Mary Kaye, Ben and Leslie worked to grow the farms land base and manure application division enough to make room for Ben's younger brother, Andy, to join the farm.

In 2008, Andy and his wife Stephanie joined the operation. Andy also began by working for Bill and Ben, and managing the manure application division. Soon he began working his way into the partnership as the farm expanded and by purchasing Bill's share of the custom livestock feeding business.


Today our farm consists of three families working together. Bill has an active role in operations, marketing, and management on the farm. Ben specializes in agronomy, finances and marketing while Andy specializes in operations, equipment mechanics and manure application. All three wives' Mary Kaye, Leslie, and Stephanie are involved in day to day duties on the farm as well as seasonal field work.














































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